Result-Oriented Traffic Generation Tips

You probably must have heard and read several materials on how you can generate traffic in large volume. Indeed, without traffic no internet business can succeed. It is therefore very necessary for the online merchants and marketers to explore strategies that are capable of producing desirable traffic generation results. Besides the ‘big things’ that can generate traffic such as search engines’ ranking, there are other seemingly common tips that can turnaround traffic quicker than you can imagine.

Here are some traffic generation tips that produce tangible results, just go ahead and try them out and watch the traffic flow that will follow suit.

o Revisit Your Archives: a collection of roundup of all interviews conducted in the past months can form a blog post that is capable of generating untold traffic to your website; only ensure that you are leaving a link behind. There’s a lot of testimonials concerning the effectiveness of the materials in your archive, you can try it out and see how it works.

o Install A Translator Plug-in: You can use this for the benefit of non-English speaking readers to boost the viewing of your page. Once they identity a page that make them feel welcome through the translation device, such readers will regularize their visits and even invite their fellows to your page. The translations might not be too perfect but it is helpful. You can get a paid translator plugin or search the web for a free one.

o Blog post is known for large volume traffic generation. Apart from posting blogs, it is also very important to leave comments on other people’s blogs alongside with your site link. It works like magic! You can write unique blog posts in your niche; for example, you can write something like “Ten Best Blogs” in your niche. This kind of post will definitely rank high when general search for blogs in your niche is carried out. This will attract especially other bloggers in your niche; they will comment on the blog and create a link to it.

o Social bookmarking sites: Examples of such sites are Digg and These bookmarking sites generate a lot of traffic.

o Use MyBlogLog widget/code to keep track of blogs. The importance of keeping track of blogs and leaving your comment on other people’s blogs cannot be overemphasized; they generate unspeakable traffic. MyBlogLog code helps you to keep track of desirable blogs. When you observe a MyBlogLog user coming to your blog; you should keep track of such visit by visiting the person back.

These and more are powerful traffic generation tips that you will come back to say “Thank You” for bringing them to your notice.