Blogging in 2007

Where is Blogging Headed in 2007?

Blogging in 2007 is probably one of the most rapidly changing internet landscapes – blogging is growing at an incredible pace, as beginners realize they really can create a web site without knowledge of html or computer code, and as search engine aficionados realize they can get quickly indexed through some of the blogs.

We’ve only seen the beginning of blogging. More and more companies are using blogging as a personal touch to connect with their customers. One can spend personal time with thousands of customers without physically having to appear in the same room. The response has been overwhelming and has contributed to the success of many companies.

We have only scratched the surface of what blogging can do for businesses and websites alike. I guarantee the results will be mind-boggling. The bottom line: blogging is here to stay in 2007.

Some Dos and Don’ts

– Do experience with different types of blogs. Some have different features that may or may not benefit your website or goals.

– Do trade linkbacks with other blog owners and add your link to blod directories.

– Don’t take blogging for granted. The idea is constantly evolving. Stay on top of it!

– Don’t forget blogging is just one of the many wonderful viral tools and not the sole answer.

If you haven’t tapped into the power of blogging, there is still time! While the idea has been evolving for years, the concept is changing into a powerful viral marketing tool. Hop on the blogger train while you can before the idea becomes an Internet afterthought.